Checking for Dead or Defective Pixels on LCD monitors with Injured Pixels

LCD Monitor PixelsLCD Monitor these days become the first choice and the user of it keep increasing. The reason is because LCD Monitor uses less power and show good image quality. But the lacking of LCD monitor is that sometimes you will find defect pixels. Pixel which shows didn’t light up or didn’t show the right color.

If there are defect pixels, usually you will see a small dot (white, black, or colored dot) on your LCD. To find it you can use Freeware Injured Pixels. Injured Pixels is an application which can we use to check an LCD Monitor is the pixel perfect or not

Injured Pixels can be used to test new LCD Monitor before buying one. This is used to make sure so you didn’t buy the wrong LCD monitor. InjuredPixels allows you to easily check for dead or defective pixels on LCD monitors. You can return it when you still have the warrant. Injured Pixels can run portably without any need to install it on your computer.

Download InjuredPixels 1.0

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