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Startup Settings in Firefox 4

Posted by on March 11, 2011  |   Category : Tips & More  |   1,684 views  |  

For users of Firefox 4 that open many tabs don't forget to select arrangement "Show my windows and tabs from's Last time" at arrangement of your firefox 4.0. Is important for you which when browsing opened many tabs. Of course you do not want to lose site addresses that 

How to Block Friends on Facebook

Posted by on April 9, 2010  |   Category : Facebook  |   6,385 views  |  

You can block certain people you want on Facebook. Facebook has integrated feature to block your friend on Facebook. With this feature then you can control who can interact with you on Facebook. People who have blocked can not interact again with you on Facebook. Friendship 

How to Get the Fastest High Speeds Internet With a Dial-Up Modem

Posted by on April 1, 2010  |   Category : Tips & More  |   6,307 views  |  

For some people, having dial-up Internet service is not a choice, it is their only option. If you are an individual who uses dial-up, you will notice that the speeds can be excruciatingly slow. You can spend a lot of time staring at blank screens and waiting for data to 

Funny Facebook Status Ideas

Posted by on March 25, 2010  |   Category : Facebook  |   7,511 views  |  

I have to admit it, to my eternal shame, I have actually sat in front of Facebook and spent a good five minutes trying to think of something funny to say ... and then failed miserably, so turned to google for assistance. I also know, through doing so, that some of my friends 

Download Opera 10.0 RC 2

Posted by on August 30, 2009  |   Category : Ebook,Free Software  |   2,021 views  |  

Opera 10.0 has reached the Release candidate (RC) stage with its Build 1733. Opera 10.0 should be considered to be in a stable state code-wise, and that only selected fixes will be added if necessary. Apart from those (if any), the RC should be considered ready for release 

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