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Sony Xperia Z1 Announces Compact and Waterproof Smartphone

Posted by on January 7, 2014  |   Category : Gadget,Tech  |   23 views  |  

Sony Xperia Z1 Finally the time for the Sony Xperia Z1 has arrive and Sony brings in thier imaging-centric smartphone, the Xperia Z1. With the new device, Sony continues its trend of coming up with compact, water-and-dustproof smartphones. This time around, though, 

Amazon unveils futuristic mini-drone delivery plan

Posted by on December 3, 2013  |   Category : Gadget,Tech  |   14 views  |  

  [caption id="attachment_7098" align="aligncenter" width="556"] imgcredit: abcnews[/caption] Online retailer Amazon announced Sunday that it is planning a new delivery service in which products would be delivered with the use of unmanned drones. Yes we are moving 

Top 10 Trending LED TV’s

Posted by on September 18, 2013  |   Category : Gadget,Tech  |   96 views  |  

Are You About To Buy LED TV? LED TVs are out of our budget! A common sentiment echoed by many of us. Every time we walk in to an electronic store and see the huge TVs adorning the walls we would love to see on of then on our living room wall as well. Well this is 

Spynet video watch review

Posted by on January 16, 2013  |   Category : Gadget  |   62 views  |  

SpyNet Video watch Amazing Features The SpyNet Video Watch could possibly be an ultimate 'just-gotta-have' spy gadget for any aspiring secret agent. In contrast to myriad number of preexisting spy watches inside the market, the SpyNet Video Watch fundamentally lives up