Blogging on the go has never been simpler for iPhone users

Understandably, you cannot take your home internet with you wherever you go. Does that mean if you work primarily over the World Wide Web that work stops when you depart your home port? Not if you are using a iPhone with tethering capabilities (which requires an upgrade in your iOS, so be sure to let iTunes check your phone for the latest software before you continue).

Apple has made this process very simple, as long as you first meet them where they are. That is to say, before you can link your Wi-Fi enabled devices to your iPhone for internet tethering, there is a fee that needs paid. Contact your provider to sign up for this feature, which costs an additional $20 a month but does give you some great perks. Now it is time to take advantage of your broadband deals.

So, you have updated your software and registered for the tethering feature. What now? Unlock your iPhone and navigate through these screens: “Settings” –> “General” –> “Network.” Once you find yourself in the “Network” sector of your phone, not far from the top of the screen is the option to turn Cellular Data “on” or “off;” be sure that it is turned on. A couple of options below Cellular Data is an option that reads “Set Up Personal Hotspot.” This is your ticket to blogging on the go!

Select “Set Up Personal Hotspot.” In this field you will have the opportunity to name and secure your own personal hotspot. With that completed, your iPhone will be emitting signals of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Some devices can pair with either or both options.

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To set up a connection via Wi-Fi, search for the connection on your secondary device by the name that you entitled it on your iPhone. Then you will be asked to enter a password, that is, if you had created a secured connection on your iPhone. The same goes for your Bluetooth connection, but with Bluetooth connectivity, users are asked to copy a short collection of numbers between devices (for security reasons).

The latter steps to this process do sound a bit complex, but the iPhone and other popular devices have done a great job of making such tasks simple. Once the passwords (or collection of numbers) have been exchanged, you are free to use your internet enabled laptop or personal tablet just as you would otherwise.

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