Best Twitter Client for Windows 7 – MetroTwit

MetroTwit is a third-party Twitter Application for Windows. MetroTwit has an elegant, attractive visual, complete features and it is a really innovative application. There are many features in the MetroTwit Application which will make you use Twitter comfortably.

And according to this application is a must for Twitter users to try to send their tweets and see other people’s tweets through your desktop computer. By using MetroTwit you will be guaranteed in a new experience using Twitter.

With MetroTwit you still can do the Retweet with the old style. You also still can send a long tweet without any character limits because it is supported by a url shortener apps which is integrated automatically.

And if you want to upload a new picture from the computer just simply drag the picture into the MetroTwit, automatically it will be uploaded. You don’t have to open a new tab using another browser if you want to watch a video from or to look at an image from

Features Include :

  • View complete conversations
  • TwitLonger to jump over the 140 character limit
  • Infinite scrolling of Tweets
  • Windows 7 Taskbar Intergration
  • Drag and Drop Image uploads
  • In-app media viewer for YouTube, TwitPic and more
  • URL shortening and preview
  • Customizable colors with themes
  • Rolling Notification with Excerpts
  • Resizable columns

MetroTwit is integrated with the Windows 7 taskbar, so all the new notifications will appear in the corner of your desktop. This feature does not disturb us and at the same time we can check our Twitter better.

Download : MetroTwit (.NET Framework 4.0 required.)

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