Best Learning Websites for Kids

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With the modern times the need of education has changed. Now a day most of the educations are based on internet. There are various kinds of web material which are readily available in internet and kids can make use of them to nourish their skills and academic talents. So it is necessary for the parents to feed their kids with best learning website for them to grow more intellectual in every aspect and these websites play a major role in it.

Now more and more number of education sites is emerging each day and this makes wide options to kids to keep them in touch with online websites. This is unique way to make your kid knowledgeable and you will get various other stuffs like online dictionary, news, puzzles, games and lot more. Here I will discuss some of the best learning website for kids.

  • Funbrain– A hybrid educational/entertainment site, Funbrain disguises learning through fun, interactive games like Grammar Gorillas and Math Baseball. You’ll also find Web books and comics, like Diary of a Wimpy Kid (nominated for a Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Award) and Amelia Writes Again. Your tots can read blogs from children in their age group with similar interests, and the site links words to dictionary definitions for learning on the fly.

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  • – This website includes all sorts of study based items which are necessary for kids. This site is made for children of all ages and as per age the categories are made. There are numerous articles are available also for teens, which you can serve just by log on to the website. The article is categorized in various sections that include puzzles, riddles, dental care, nursery rhymes and children’s quote. The specialty of this site is it contains a special cookery section for kids which kids can use to get some extra knowledge so as to help their mom if they wish. The best and finest part of the site is Little Writer’s Section; here kids can exhibit their individual talents by writing stories, articles, poems etc. This website also contains various enthusiastic items for teachers and for moms.
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  • Yahoo! kids – This site mainly focus on kids’ activity. It has a study zone which provides various information about various reference material for kids and also it is a plethora of games for kids of all kinds, jokes, movies etc. There is also availability of encyclopedia and dictionary which are one of the most essential parts of study for kids. Yahoo! is best site for kids where your kids can able to do many things to learn.
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  • National Geographic kids – This site is very special for kids and most of the kids prefer this site. From this site kids can able to gather various types of knowledge from different for tits attractive animals, people and places, activities, stories and other sections. By accessing this site your kid can gain IQ a lot. The educational materials that it provides are very qualitative.
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  • – It is very impressive type website for kid which is derived from a favorite magazine name Chandamama. This website get translated in different languages like Hindi, Kannada, Tamil, Sanskrit, Marathi and also in English as per different provinces on India like the similar way of that of the magazine. This is an educational website for children that share knowledge about Indian culture, tales and Indian history. It also provides varieties of learning section like contests, drawing, craft, essays and poems. There is also an option for children to play educational games in Funzone, Memory games etc and these games makes children more mentally stable.
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  • Webkinz  Among various free educational sites for kids Webkinz is one. This is commercial sites which make your kids to expose to advertisements-some thinly veiled as games or fun activities. There is also choice of playing attractive games which your kids may enjoy. This site provides different news happening worldwide and your kids can grow this depth of general knowledge by accessing this site.

What do you think of our list of the best learning websites for kids? Did we miss something? Let us know in the comments below.

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