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Best iPad apps for toddlers

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    Best iPad apps for toddlers
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    best ipad for toddlers
    Technology is so versatile that it also has something for the little toddlers also. Yes now every dad has the best gift for their little ones both entertaining and educational. Yes the app store is pretty much confusing if you all are searching for best iPad apps for toddlers.

    End all your confusion because I am going to reveal best iPad apps for toddlers which will ease your process.
    Toy story 3

    Such days are gone when no story books were available in app stores. This story book will serve as the best bed time entertainment for your little ones where you can scroll down time after time or can read along with your kids. It is one of the latest animated and handpicked for children.

     toy story 3 ipad app

    Kid art for iPad

    Drawing is one of the favorite things during small ages. Don’t worry app store has kept such provisions also. Kid art app comes with more than 20 predawn backgrounds. Certain cartoons as well as funny characters are also available which are generally encouraged by children.

    kids art ipad app


    Ace Writer – Alphabet Series

    Ace writer is one of the best apps for small ones who were just beginning to learn writing different alphabets. Tracing alphabet with your fingers was not much easily available early days. But now toddlers will enjoy learning alphabets that too on iPad.

    ace-writer ipad app

    Smurfs’ Village

    This is a farming game and certainly aimed for children only, here they love growing of crops, harvesting them and then gaining gold and lots of extra prizes. The game is totally based on you and your kids planning to build a successful village. And you just can’t deny the sheer happiness of your village.

    smurf's village ipad app 

    Zoo Train 

    Within this app your child can choose different activities like building of words, playing music, indulging themselves in certain puzzles and many more. With so many activities little ones will love hanging around these and entertaining themselves.

    zoon train ipad app

    The above said best iPad apps for toddlers will ease your way in finding the best from the rest. Choose any of these and have some amazing experience.


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