Best Free Tools to Take Screenshot Online

Best Free Tools to Take Screenshot Online

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As a blogger or even as a regular internet user, there could be occasion where we need to take screenshots of our works. You may need to make a copy of a website for your documents, capture a process for a presentation, or simply prepare images for an article you’re writing. Instead of downloading and installing yet another nifty software to your PC, you could easily manage all your screenshot and screen recorder needs online.

There are myriad websites that help you in this arena to take screenshot online and I am going to jolt down some of the free website available which users can make full use of it to take their snap shots of what they want to take. Best Free Tools to Take Screenshot Online are as follows


Bounce is a free online snapshot tool that aids you to take snapshot of any website and also enables you to add your comment to the screenshot to make it an ideal snapshot to share with your friends, email them or add to your website. In order to take screenshot, all you need to do is enter your website URL of your website and that’s it you are done. The ideal thing with regards to Bounce is that you no more need to register to their site. Cool isn’t?


To make use of Websnapr you are required to register with their website and once you are done then just enter the website URL. It provides you several options to choose the ideal size of the screenshot you want. This online screenshot service is free but if you want options to customize the screenshots then you can go for premium account.

Snapcasa is yet another awesome website snapshot tool that provides you both free and premium services. When it comes to free service it includes good features like selecting screenshot size, adding watermark and many more. So, even if you choose to go for free service you will get all basic features.


Thumbalizr is so easy to handle and to take snapshot. It lets you to take screenshot by entering URL and clicking Thumb-it button. It provides you several options to select the size of screenshot which you can enter manually also. The qualities of images are good with Thumbalizr.

Super Screenshot

Super Screenshot is again an easy to use web app without any clutter. You just need to enter URL and there is no need to register before taking screenshot of any website. You can select between taking snap of full website or just the visible area.

Capture Full Page

The Capture Full Page application enables you to select the dimension, size, and format after it captured the website for you. Since a full size screenshot is taken before you can downsize, the process takes a little longer. Once it’s done you will see the screenshot on the left and a menu on the right. The options for dimensions are top screen or full screen, the size can be anything from full to extra small, and the available output formats are JPEG (smaller file size) and PNG (better quality). Clicking > View will give you a preview in your browser and by selecting > Download you receive the file.

Screen Toaster

With ScreenToaster apart from taking online snapshots you can also you use it as a online screen recorder that enables you to capture videos of what’s happening on your monitor, independent of your operating system. Quite obviously, this tool is perfect for pre-recorded screencasts or tutorials. To use it you have to register. The only prerequisite that is needed with this ScreenToaster to function is that you need to enable Java for whichever browser you’re going to use. Once you’re logged in, click the > Start Recording button and the application will launch. You can then select which portion of the screen you want to capture and whether sound and webcam should be recorded as well. When you decide to make a screencast of only a small section of your screen, you can drag a black rectangular to the desired location. Hit > Record to start. The key combination > [ALT] + [S] will both start and pause recording. This is useful when the website is in the background as you need to bring it to the foreground to stop the recording.

I have pulled down some of the best online screenshot tools and their features. With these tools you can easily take screenshots of any website and share with your friends on social networking websites or use it on your blog.

If you are aware of any other alternatives to take screenshots online, do share with us.


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