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best android weather widgetAre you familiar with android widget? With the advance of technology the smartphones are getting more powerful with latest updated applications. Android widgets are the live apps which are embedded into home screens. There are various innovative and attracted widgets are available for smartphones. One of such types of widgets is weather widgets which is the most essential for you to plan holidays by knowing the proper weather conditions. Through these widgets you will able to get all sorts of information related to weather. Through android weather widgets you will get the latest detailed report of not only the present time but also it provides weather information about the upcoming days.

You can find various android weather widgets with no cost for your android phone. Here some of the top cost free android weather widgets in details:-

best android weather widget

  • The weather channel – If you are eager to gain more details than the default weather apps then this app is for you. This app will give you 24/7 weather information on television and you can also take it with you at the time of move. It will alerts you in case of severe weather and provides you nearly real time maps. This application also provides various eyewitness and weather videos along with the reports. Through this app you can forecast the weather up to upcoming 10 days and thus gives the appropriate idea about the coming week.
  • Weather bug – This is another innovative and purposeful app for your smartphone. It has its own unique features like other have. The best part of this app is it provides details and descriptive information about the day ahead. You can watch live weather cameras all around your city which gives idea about what sort of weather you are going to face. Through animated weather map you can see projected upcoming weather path.
  • Go weather widget – No need to roam around to get proper weather information, just sit at your home and get the proper informative details on your smartphone about the current weather conditions and this all you will get in Go weather. It is a multi sizes which enables you to place it wherever you want. You can update new frequency in the settings area and can change the displayed items in the widget and it is best suited for those who are on the way.
  • 3D digital weather clock – If you are busy enough to access the weather condition in details the use this app. This widget lives on your smartphone screen and reports entire weather information in a 3D and virtual environment. It display various information on location, date and time, outside conditions, temperature etc. there are 3 different hidden hotspots from where you can access system info, configuration and forecast and this is best to serve quick knowledge on weather.
  • Weather underground – It is popularly known as hidden gem. It is the favorite weather site in internet. It networks nearly 22000 weather stations and provides the most accurate data on weather. Not only it forecast predications but also through live updating maps you can see what is coming on your way. This application serves the most amounts of data on weather including temperature, wind speed and direction, dew point, humidity, pressure, visibility, gust and severe weather information.

These are some of the best android weather widgets  out of several, download them on your smartphone and enjoy its usefulness by getting proper weather conditions in beforehand.

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