AVG Remover (AVG Removal Tool) – Uninstall AVG Products Completely

AVG Anti Virus is one of the most popular antivirus program which commonly used by people to secure their computers. AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition Products have become the choice of people as the Free Anti Virus Program with a great performance.

Which most people who love AVG and also said that AVG is one of the best Anti Virus, there also people who think differently. There are also people who disappointed with AVG Anti Virus and decided to uninstall AVG from their computers. Unfortunately, to completely remove AVG Anti Virus from your computer is not easy, but you could use official tool from AVG called AVG Remover (AVG Removal Tool)

AVG Remover (AVG Removal Tool) is an official tool from AVG to help the user to completely uninstall AVG products which already installed to their computers. So for you who want to completely uninstall AVG Anti Virus, you can use AVG Remover (AVG Removal Tool)

Actually to remove AVG you can use the usual way with default program from windows, you can use feature Add/Remove Programs (for Windows XP) or using feature Programs and Features (for Windows 7 and Vista) through Control Panel.

Normal Uninstall :

  • Click on the Start Button, select Control Panel.
  • Open Add/Remove Programs (for Windows XP users) or Open Programs and Features (for Windows 7 and Vista users).
  • Find AVG in the Programs list and highlight it.
  • Click on Remove or right-click and select Uninstall and follow the wizard to uninstall AVG.

So now for you who want to uninstall AVG, you have two options, using the default feature from windows or using AVG Remover (AVG Removal Tool). To make sure AVG is completely removed from your computer, use AVG Remover (AVG Removal Tool), because the tool is an official application from AVG to remove AVG products completely.

Download avg removal tool from here to completely remove AVG

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