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Best Earphones Under Rs 1000

Posted by on June 29, 2015  |   Category : Tech  |   73 views  |  

Social media and other media consumption devices have evolved to an unimaginable heights over these decade. We can see every one hanging up with their earphone hooked up to their gadgets everywhere around the streets, hotels, flights, trains and everywhere. Earphones have 

Review: Xiaomi Goes Big With Features in Xiaomi Mi 4i

Posted by on June 5, 2015  |   Category : Android  |   38 views  |  

Pros: Sturdy construction; Compact design; Easy on the eyes UI; Supports 4G; Good battery life. Cons: Low sound output on most earphones; MIUI could use some optimisation; Lacks microSD card slot. Review: Xiaomi Mi 4i Price: Rs 13,000 read more... 

Android M: Google Has Brought In Lot To Offer You

Posted by on June 4, 2015  |   Category : Android  |   28 views  |  

  Last week, Google had their developer’s conference I/O at the Moscone Center in San Francisco. Before the conference there were huge expectations that Google will hit up with the new and future projects announcement to the world. Google didn’t disappoint 

Samsung Gear S Review -The Ultimate Wrist Wear

Posted by on November 26, 2014  |   Category : Android  |   43 views  |  

Its Samsung, the South Korean Electronics Giant, with its next Generation of digi watches, which is rightly named as  Samsung Gear and this time ” Samsung Gear S”. This is a pretty cool device, better than its predecessors with a Super AMOLED, 2 Inch Curved LED 

How to upgrade Windows 8 to Windows 8.1

Posted by on December 12, 2013  |   Category : Tips & More  |   19 views  |  

There was a major expectation over Microsoft Windows 8 when it was launched, but there was a mixed up response when users started to use Windows 8. However the much anticipated update, Windows 8.1, is now available which you can get access over it either electronically or 

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