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android phonesAndroid phones are highly acceptable in almost every where in the globe and are selling all around with the pace. The manufacturers of android phones are looking for improvement in these phones, as there is always a room for improvement in technologies.  Although among the best android phones few of are enlisted below.

1.  Sony Ericsson X- PERIA Arc

On an aesthetic level are without doubt the coolest smart phones of the year. In addition to the design, though, there’s more: there is an in-class multimedia functionality (4.2-inch display with pixels, eight mega pixel cameras with HD video capability, Mobile Bra via engine) and a quite rich package that includes a memory to eight GB and HDMI cable.


2.  LG OPTIMUS Dual:

It was the first dual-core Smartphone in history, but not only. The dual of LG is still one of the fastest devices on the market [see our test-time]. Given the age is not young anymore and balances could be one of those end of year not to be missed.

android phones

3. Nokia LUMIA 800:

After years of trying (unsuccessfully) the elixir of life, Nokia seems to have finally found the right way to go back to calling the shots in the mobile industry. Microsoft, with an operating system (Windows Phone, Mango version here) that finally puts the house in the Finnish conditions of fearlessly confronted with the rest of the competition “touch”, including Apple.

4. HTC Sensation XL:

Some say that the phones from HTC will look like a little ‘all. This new Sensation XL; however, we recognize among a thousand. For dimensions first (a 4.7-inch display does not go unnoticed), the photographic equipment (eight mega pixel lens with f/2.2 aperture and wide angle 28mm) and above the resources “music”, which include among other things a pair of earphones upbeats.

5. NUOVO Blackberry Curve 9360:

A recipe is to always push email, QWERTY keyboard and a lot of concrete. Admittedly, however, that this Curve 9530 has little to do with the lines of old mobile phones in casts of Mora, so that for many it is the most beautiful Blackberry ever. For once, in short, RIM beats Apple in design. Now, however, is the final leap into the operating system and multimedia features?


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