Apple Updates its Devices to iOS 5 for Better Integration and the Cloud

Apple has released its latest update for its devices, the iOS5. It has been worked over to give a better experience although visually its not going to be much different as the IOS5 has minor variations on the UI part. Let’s take up the new features or enhancements over the previous version. This update also goes to help integrating the Mac OS X with the iOS platform.

The present iOS5 on the previous hardware of the iPhone 4 and the iPad 2 has made not much difference as it is as snappy. Transitions were smooth and loading as quick. With iOS5 FaceTime will work with 3G support or through the email if no SIM card is available. Apple will give updates to iOS5 over-the-air to users. No need to connect to a PC, as daily back-ups and updates will run over WiFi. On the iPhone and iPad you will be able to download more than one application simultaneously


This has been an area wanting to be enhanced and Apple has done just that. This has been redesigned from the ground up as the Notification Centrer. Incoming alerts flip from the top of the screen. If you ignore it, it is relegated to an off-screen notification drawer. Or when tapped will take you to the appropriate app. You can customise the order of the notification at the Settings, where alerts can be sequenced in the way you like.  Tap on a notification and it will open the corresponding application. Repeat to cleat all alerts. Or  tap the “X” found across an app name to wipe the group of notifications. Shortcoming have been addressed here. Find interactive stocks and weather widgets on the Notification Center and at just a glance.


With Reminders the user can update all devices and calendars. It helps you to organise your to-do list filled with locations and dates. So you can get a reminder at your next visit to the supermarket. The Reminder feature integrates with Ical, Outlook and Icloud.


The Safari Browser has now the tabbed browsing feature added. The browser has improvements to its rendering engine, giving a faster feel to the browser. Tabbed browsing on the iPad helps you keep track of multiple web pages and just switch between them when need be. Two features called Reading List and Reader have been added.

The Reader displays web articles without advertisements and the clutter. The pagination is useful more on the iPhone than on a larger iPad screen. You can save interesting articles for later reading on the Reading List by just a tap. An elaborated bookmark with sync, this list appears automatically on all your devices.


Apple has created for all iOS users the new messaging services. So you can now send by WiFi or 3G unlimited text messages to any other iPad, iPhone or iPod user. Using this iMessage app send contacts locations, text , photos or videos through the Apple servers. You can start a conversation on one device and continue wit another device. Imessage offers secure encryption for text messages and group messaging. You can also find out when the message is received, like the delivery alerts on texts found earlier, similar to the Blackberry.


This Newsstand app is useful for magazine lovers. Download the various magazines for free. Subscribe if you like. There is a new place for newspaper and magazines on the App Store. When new issues are in, there’s an alert. Browse the store and when you buy, it appears in the Newsstand, which also automatically updates.

PC Free & iCloud

The iOS5 sets you free from your computer as you can do most things with the apps on your device. Take your device and set it up wirelessly to download the iOS software updates. You can back-up and restore your device automatically using Apple’s iCloud. To start using your iCloud you have to download itunes10.5 and the rest is taken care of. In fact Apple is giving 5GB of storage free. Just enter your Apple ID to start with and begin using your Apple kit.

iOS 5 Update Apple
iOS 5 – Other Features

Twitter – Sign in once at the Settings and iOS5 will allow you to tweet directly from your device as Twitter is integrated system-wide making your task simple, whether you are on Safari, Photos, Camera, YouTube, or Maps.

Game Center –  The Game Center offers you new games which you can play based on a new friend’s recommendation. The iOS platform is great for games.

WiFi Sync – You can use a WiFi connection to sync your iOS device to your PC or Mac. Each time your device is plugged to the power source, the device will sync. So back-up for new content to iTunes in the cloud is automatic.

AirPlay Mirroring – AirPlay now supports video mirroring . So you can wirelessly stream from your iPad 2 or iPhone 4S visual content to your HDTV via Apple TV. Give your photos and video the large-screen treatment.

Siri – Siri is not only a voice recognition software but more integrated, which works great on the iPhone 4S. So with this feature you can interact with the phone with your voice. Commands can be given orally and the phone will respond with the answers, options or whatever. Literally helps you to be hands free. A great advantage for visually impaired users.

Photos/Camera – The iOS5 gives the camera on your iPhone extra features. The Camera application can be tapped open from the Lock Screen. Use the volume-up button to instantly click your photo. So get snaps on the go quickly, faster and better than before. Pinch to zoom-in, touch and hold to lock focus and exposure. Your photos will automatically download to your devices from the iCloud, if your PhotoStream is enabled. A new additional feature is a 3×3 overlay grid to assist you to frame and click photos. Photos get some editing features. Cropping, rotation, one touch enhancements and red-eye removal are some.

Mail – The Mail feature has been enhanced. You can drag email addresses between fields, flag important messages, notifications can be made to add a subject line in your email, integrate with Hotmail and get rich text editing.

So get ready for a rich iCloud experience, with enhanced features, with synchronisation on your Apple devices, with the latest smart Apple operating system called the iOS5.

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