Apple releases OS X Mountain Lion: Rival For Windows 8 Ready?

OS X Mountain LIONApproved So finally the wait is over, the much awaited OS 10.8 mountain lion was finally unveiled by Apple. Though announced in February yet it took a lot of time. Mountain Lion is released to challenge the much awaited Windows 8 release by Microsoft. One of the most astonishing features of OS X Mountain Lion is its price tag, quoted just $19.99 in the US, it is Apple’s cheapest OS X upgrade in last 11 years since the release of version 10.1.

  • According to the company it has incorporated 200 new features, but the feature which stands out among these ones is the new Gatekeeper feature. It prevents malicious apps downloaded from web from infecting the user’s machine.
  • Another great feature is the addition of icloud functionality to many apps. It also includes a new Notification center, Airplay Mirroring to send audio or video streams to other devices from a Mac. As reported that a forth coming update would also add Facebook integration to the applications.
  • Also there is a game center very similar to the one found in ipad, iPhone and iPod touch. It also marks the introduction of the iMessage service which allows text message like chat between the handsets and the firm’s computers. Apple has also tried to aid its expansion in china by taking steps like adopting Baidu as a search service built into its browser’s toolbar, and buttons which makes it easy to share material to video sites like Youku. Another unique addition is the PowerNap – it allows the new Macs  to receive messages and updates while asleep.

There won’t be any DVD version of the OS X Mountain Lion for sale. Macs with 2GB of RAM, 8GB of hard drive space, and OS 10.6.8 (or newer) can download it from the Mac App Store.

OS X Mountain LION

But the release was overshadowed by Apple’s financial result of the second quarter. The sales were up by 2% but it was beyond the expectations of many analysts’.

With Microsoft offering the users chance to run both their tablets and desktops by the same system, making sharing software easier between them, Mountain Lion have a tough task ahead.

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