angry birds trilogyAngry Birds is going to get their new home as Angry Birds Trilogy is coming very soon in Playstation 3, Nintendo 3DS, Xbox 360. The trilogy consists of the whole pack which includes Angry Birds Season, Angry Birds and Angry Birds Rio and not only that this is available in a single retail package. But in this pack does not include the sequel of Angry Birds i.e. Angry Birds Space. This whole package will be available in one disc or in 3DS cartridge.

The upcoming pack is configured such a way so that it will support each and every system along with the unique features that are PS Move, Microsoft Kinect and Nintendo Street Pass. This overall made the game an ultimate edition. Angry Birds is at present is readily available in Television from different sources like PS Minis, HDTV etc. one can play the Angry Birds game in their iPhones, iPads, Smartphones, Facebook or on PC through web browsers.

angry birds trilogy

The resolution of the game is made much better so as to get attractive graphics. It will reflect a great sense to play in the large screen in spite of playing in the screen as large of the size of fingers. There are also some more additional items that will be available in the pack which includes new cinematics and other entertainment and attractive content. Angry Birds Trilogy is one of the popular social games in modern gadgets. Many fans request to get the service so that they can play the game in their own home console but till now no such type of provision is being provided from authorities’ side.

This is the first time the game is made to launch for console platform such as playstation with lighting and proper backgrounds and not only that the backgrounds are also animated and also with high quality graphics. Thus this game will attract wide audience. This brings Angry Birds Trilogy to a new market within this holiday.

So get a new experience in playing Angry Birds Trilogy in Playstation 3, Nintendo 3DS, Xbox 360.


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