Angry Birds “Nightmare” – the Newest Version of Angry Birds Game to Welcome Halloween

Angry Birds Nightmare EpisodeAfter succeed with some episodes of Angry Birds, like Angry Birds Rio and Angry Birds Season, Rovio as the developer of Angry Birds game will release the newest version of angry birds, which is Angry Birds “Nightmare”. Based on the plan, the newest version of this Angry Birds game will be released on the end of October corresponding with Halloween.

Rovio release the series of Angry Bird Nightmare to welcome the Halloween Festival 2011. Even though it released to commemorate Halloween Festival, this Angry Bird Nightmare is completely separated, or standalone like the first series of Angry Birds and Angry Birds Rio

Just like the previous version, Nightmare Version also have scenario which have to be followed by the player of angry Birds. A video uploaded by RovioMobile shows the trailer of Angry Birds Nightmare where the story start when some little blue bird wear the classic Halloween costume and walk into a hill where they heard the voice of scary monsters.


In the beginning, they are panicked when they heard the strange noise from the hill, but they laugh on each other because they know that they can face the threat when they walk into the hill. After they get near the hill, they found a basket full of candies, this basket also seems to have some small creature which we can’t see the figure.

In here we can guess that maybe the monster which make the strange and mysterious noise from above the hill are boss which we have to beat in every end of level. And the mysterious character in the basket might be a new character in the Angry Birds Game. But it all limited to our assumption from watching the trailer video.

So for you who’s a fan of Angry Birds, don’t miss the Angry Birds Nightmare series. Wait for the next update in, because when it’s released, we will give the information and you can download Angry Birds Nightmare and play it.

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