AbrLite (Ad Banner Remover Lite) for Yahoo Messenger – Remove Adverts from Yahoo Messenger

For you who use Yahoo Messenger might feel a little bit uncomfortable with the ads found on Yahoo Messenger application. There are some ways to remove ads from Yahoo Messenger, but the easiest and fastest way is by using tools.

One of the tools which can be used to remove ads and banner on Yahoo Messenger is AdBanner Remover Plus which I sometimes share on blogspc. But the latest and newest version from AdBanner Remover plus right now is version which only support up to Yahoo Messenger version, while Yahoo! Recently release the newest version of Yahoo Messenger with version 11.5. Because of that, for you who have updated your YM application to the newest version Yahoo! Messenger you can use AbrLite (Ad Banner Remover Lite) to remove the adverts and banner from Yahoo Messenger 11.5

Ad Banner Remover Lite Features :

  • Remove Main Messenger Advert
  • Replace Change Room banner
  • Remove Chat Room Advert
  • Replace Webcam Adverts
  • Replace Video Call Adverts
  • Remove IM Status bar Advert

By removing banner and ads from Yahoo Messenger application you can give a bigger space on Yahoo Messenger interface, and of course bigger space without ads will make it more comfortable when you chat with your friends or chat in the chat room. The application will also be faster when you sign-in on Yahoo Messenger

AbrLite (Ad Banner Remover Lite) is really easy to be used. After you download this program, you only need to run it and click from where you want to remove the ads or banner on your Yahoo Messenger application

AbrLite (Ad Banner Remover Lite) for Yahoo Messenger

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