6 Tips To Save Your Android Phone’s Battery Life

A classical problem usually facing smart phones, including Android is namely: Battery drainage.  No matter what the operating system is battery problem where it runs out on a daily basis has always been a constraint, especially if the phone is connected to the internet.

For you Android phone users, here are some tips you can do to save on your Android phone’s battery life :

1. Close all applications that are not used with the back key

2. Uninstall applications you do not need. Because there are some applications that will perform automatic updates without us knowing.

3. If push e-mail is not needed, turn off the Auto Sync feature that is in the Android setting. And if it’s required to do manual synchronization, the trick is go to  Settings > Wireless & Networks > Mobile Networks, and then unmark the “Data Traffic”

4. Turn off WiFi when not in use. In the Android phone, even though you’ve closed an application, it could still be running and not visible. And that’s what makes the battery life run out quickly. To be sure applications are closed, go to Settings > Applications and select the application you want to shut down

5 Turn off unnecessary widget to save battery. Head to Settings > Sound & Display, and then remove the check mark on the Orientation, and Animations set to “No Animations”. Do not forget to adjust the screen timeout value to turn off quickly as well as the screen’s backlight level on your android smart phone.

6. Download and install Battery Manager App for Android. One application that you can use is the Juice Defender on the Android Market. This application provides a wide selection of settings, ranging from normal, aggressive, to the extreme accommodation to keep your android mobile phone battery life ongoing

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