5 Tips to Protect Children on Social Network Websites

Social network website is just like double-edged sword for children. On one side, it can give them many useful knowledge and can train them on how to socialize in a good manner. But on the other side, it can be also a threat and a bad education for children, if they’re on out of parents control.

As an Internet Safety Advocate & Consumer Business Lead Symantec, Effendy Ibrahim gives you some tips about parent’s role on children when they’re socializing in the social network.

Before children are having a new friends or sharing information on social network, make sure a few things below were checked :

  1. Do not talk or accept friend invitation from a stranger on the social network, instant messaging, or an online forum.
  2. Do not give any offensive opinion, gossip, or any offense to other people on social networks, blogs, websites, or online chats. All those things is possibly on hurting people, or even harm our children.
  3. Do not give detail information about home address, private numbers, and photos, because it’ll make our children an easy target for a perpetrator. And we don’t want our children to be a pedophiles target, do we?
  4. Make sure our children are having a strong password for their e-mail accounts, social networks, forums, or online games. And make sure our children not to tell their password, even to their very best friend, at all.
  5. Confirm that the outside video link is come from a well known source, before our kids click on it. The thing is that outside link is possible to be injected by malware that potential of useful information stealing.

Regardless, we must learn from our children, if it has to. As a matter of fact, some children know technology and internet better than their parents. But as a parent, we should know better about how to behave and act to strangers in this social network era. So, it’s important to frankly share information between parents and children.

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