5 Important YouTube Tricks You Probably Don’t Know

youtube tricksYouTube is undoubtedly one of the most popular video streaming sites out there from the Search Engine Giant “Google”. You tube has become one of the integral part of life whether you want to check out a new music video or latest tutorial the first thing that strikes through the mind is You Tube. Despite it being very popular and powerful there are some tricks and features that are still not known by most users. Before we step into the tricks we need to make sure that these are not any sort of hacks or under the hood tricks.

 # 1 Auto High-Definition Video Play

Most of the times when you happen to play a YouTube video the video quality have been set on default for you, usually at a lower quality video resolution. In order to get rid of this from occurring you can force the system to permanently play videos in an HD format.

To achieve this all you need to do is Grab the extension called Magic Actions for Youtube available only for Google Chrome and Firefox. Enable the option Auto HD in the extension and select the video resolution you would like to be played automatically

#2 Video Playback

It’s no rocket science obviously, and you can make some changes to a YouTube URL or a video’s embed code to customize how the video plays.

You can make an embedded video play automatically when the page loads by adding &autoplay=1 in the URL within the embed code.

Similarly, you can append &loop=1 to make the video play in a loop without any user intervention. As you would know, some of the videos on YouTube are only available in certain countries, and not globally. Your IP Address is used to determine your location and then allow or deny access to the video.

Again, a small URL trick can help you bypass the region filtering. Change the URL from http://www.youtube.com/watch?v= tohttp://www.youtube.com/v/

#3 Accurate Keyword Searching

There are a bajillion videos on Youtube so trying to find that specific Youtube video you want to watch is an adventure by itself. You might find yourself crawling through dozens of pages hoping to land the video you actually want to watch.

The solution for this time-consuming exercise is to add allintitle: before the keywords you are search for. What it does is basically provide you with only videos that include the chosen keywords.

#4 Language Search

Do you know YouTube offers on screen keyboard for foreign languages? Many might not have known this feature. In case you are searching for videos in a particular foreign language, you can use the on-screen keyboard for the same. To type in languages like Hindi, you need to change the Language setting for YouTube. Scroll to the bottom of YouTube page, and you can pick the specific language from the drop-down menu.

Once you’ve done that, a little on-screen keyboard pops up near the search bar, and you can search in that particular language.

#5 Save Videos to Watch Late

Most of us we come across several YouTube videos through the day in several areas of the web such as social networking, twitter etc. Obviously, you can’t watch each of them right away.YouTube allows an easy way so that you can add all the videos you’d like to watch to your queue. Click on Watch Later on the player or add to the Watch Later playlist from the Add To tab on the video page, and you’re done. When you wish to watch these videos later, head to the Video Manager.

If you have any issues with these youtube tricks  let us know through comment section and will help you to sort it out.


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