5 Important Reasons Why it is Important to Turn off Computer Through Shutdown Process

windows shutdown problemShutdown Is a must to be done when we have done using our computer, but there are still some people who ignore it and directly push the power button to turn of their computer. Usually people who ignore the shutdown process are too lazy to wait for the shutdown process and who don’t understand how important is the shutdown process itself.

For you who sometimes ignore the shutdown process, it’s recommended to read the explanation below, because when it’s too often to turn of the computer by directly disconnect it from power source without doing the shutdown process, there are some problem that might happened.

Here are 5 reasons why you have to turn off your computer through shutdown process

1. When shutdown process, computer will re-register it’s used component and software, and also the data which is used or deleted.

When we turn off the computer directly, then the component or software also data used will not be saved into record, so when trouble happened to the computer, it won’t be able to run system recovery based on the date or time that have been set.

2. When shutdown process, processor will command bios to stop all the work of the working component, so the power will be disconnect normally.

But when we turn it off directly, the component will suddenly turn off without normal disconnection so overtime it will create damage to the components.

3. When shutdown process, the computers fan are going to work twice as fast for processor cooling process, when we turn it off directly, so the processor cooling are not going to work normally, so overtime the processor will be damaged.

4. When shutdown process, memory will be emptied, so when computer is used again, memory will be on its refreshed state, but when we turn it off directly, most likely the memory will be damaged.

5. When shutdown process, hard disk will work to save the data commanded by the processor, and also copying the component data and software into computer record, and hard disks head will be returned into the begin position (not reading any hard disk.

When we turn it off directly, other than the component and software will not be saved into the record, the head position of the hard disk will also stay in the middle of the hard disk cylinder, so when turned on again, it might damage the hard disks cylinder and bad sector will be created, overtime it will damage the hard disk

So don’t be surprise why on shutdown process your computer don’t directly turn off itself, because actually on that time the computers system is also working. So when you don’t want any problem on your computer, hardware or the system, you have to turn off your computer through the shutdown process.

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