25+ Best WordPress Themes for 2013

If you have the skills, you can always create a WordPress theme on your own. However, if you don’t have the skills, or the time to do it, then you will start searching for ready-made WordPress themes you can use. While there is certainly no shortage of good WordPress themes, if you want a new theme that is not used by the whole world, here are 25+ new, best WordPress themes for 2013.

22-Theron Lite

The themes are divided into 4 categories: business, blogs, magazines, and personal. However, the differences between the different categories are very blurred and very often you can use the same theme for a corporate site, for a blog, or for a magazine. Also, you can get a corporate theme, a blog theme, or a magazine theme and run your personal site/blog on it, so if you like a theme but it’s not under the category you plan to use it for, this is not a reason to ditch the theme.

Business WordPress Themes


This is a great theme to use for a business site. Don’t be misled by the cat in the screenshot – I just choose this pic from the many others in the slideshow because I love cats. The theme is visually impressive and you can put images of your own products, which is really cool. This theme requires WordPress 3.0+ and is probably not the most SEO-friendly theme out there but its visual attractiveness compensates for this.

01 - Shuttershot


If you want to use D’Zonia as it is, this theme will be most appropriate for a health/meditation site. However, if you remove the meditation pics and texts, it will make a great business theme because it is fresh, stylish, and uncluttered with unnecessary stuff. It has a header slideshow where you can put your products, instead of meditation pics.

02-dzonia meditation

Simple Corp Responsive HTML5 Theme

It seems header slideshows are everywhere, even in themes that are otherwise uncluttered, such as this theme. The Simple Corp theme can be used for a business or portfolio site and one of its main advantages is that it is a responsive theme that supports HTML5.


Fusion Theme

Unlike most of the other WordPress themes on the list, this is a paid WordPress theme but it is so beautiful that it is worth the money. Again, it has a header slideshow, a sleek layout with many boxes (despite, it is all but cluttered), and it doesn’t take forever to load.

04-Fusion Theme

StartBiz Theme

This is one more theme that is very suitable for a business site. You can use it as it is because the images it has are very business-like and the color gamma is also very suitable with its subtle colors. The name of the theme is StartBiz but this doesn’t necessarily mean you must use it on a startup’s site only – the theme will be more than fine on any small biz site.


Higher WordPress Theme

If you want to take your WordPress site to a higher level, why not do it with the Higher theme? This is another stylish WordPress theme in brown that has all the boxes you need for your products, services, news, or discounts sections. It is a responsive theme with shortcodes and it also has 4+ custom page templates.


BusinessPremium WordPress Theme

Despite the word “Premium” in its name, this is a free WordPress theme. Its images and layout are really suitable for a business site. Similarly to the previous one, the BusinessPremium WordPress theme is a responsive theme with shortcodes that boasts 4+ custom page templates.


LockSmith WordPress Theme

The LockSmith WordPress theme is from the same author(s) who created the Higher WordPress theme and the BusinessPremium WordPress theme. In addition to a business site, this theme is suitable for a portfolio site as well. As you guess, it is also a responsive theme with shortcodes and it also comes with more than 4 custom page templates.


WordPress Themes for Blogs

Svetlina WordPress Theme

Despite the lavish use of gray, this theme is bright and shiny. It will make a great theme for a blog with images. In its right sidebar there is place for ad widgets, which are very important for a blog because unlike a business site, a blog most often makes money with ads. Because of this, it’s the norm to have a sidebar full of ads. The Svetlina theme is responsive and it also uses shortcodes.



The UpStream theme is another WordPress theme with ads widgets in the sidebar. It also has a header slideshow – this time it’s a smaller header that doesn’t take the whole above-the-fold place on screen. The front page has two columns, so you can use it as a magazine theme as well.


Respo – Responsive Blog Theme

Here is one more WordPress theme that states directly it is a responsive theme. It has a right sidebar with Latest/Popular/Random/Tags widget, as well as space for as many ads as you might possibly want. The Respo theme is a great choice, if you are looking for a minimalistic, uncluttered theme that yet has a decent amounts of sections. It doesn’t have as many sections as the previous one – nevertheless, you could also use it for a magazine site as well.

11-Respo theme

_second-foundation Theme

This is another truly clean and minimalistic WordPress theme. It has nothing unneeded, so your blog posts don’t get much competition for users’ attention from images and gadgets all over the place. It is a mobile-ready, fully-responsive theme. The _second-foundation theme is based on Foundation 4 and Underscores. One of its distinctive features is that it features AJAX page loads and Infinite Scroll. By default it doesn’t come with a front page slider, but if you want, it can be added.


WP StrapBlogger Lite

Here is one even more minimalistic WordPress theme. As much as everybody likes cute designs, very often what you need is just a light-weight, minimalistic theme that comes with no distractions. This theme fits the description perfectly – it’s a simple one-column theme that even doesn’t have a sidebar – it’s just your post (and the ads you insert in them).

13-WP StrapBlogger


After the series of minimalistic WordPress blog themes, here is one with more elements in it. This is a three column theme (it has a left and a right sidebar), which is suitable if you have what to put in the sidebars (besides ads because if you fill the two sidebars with ads, this will be an overkill). The SmartAdapt theme is a responsive theme based on the Zurb Foundation front end framework. It is a fully HTML5 an CSS3 compatible theme.


Magazine WordPress Themes

Simple Grid Theme

The Simple Grid Theme is a responsive WordPress theme with a grid of boxes. It is most suitable if you want to run an image gallery or a business site with lots of images but it can be used for a portfolio site as well. The reason why it is in the magazine WordPress themes section is obvious – because of its magazine layout.

15-Simple Grid Theme

BresponZive Mag

The BresponZive Mag theme doesn’t have the typical magazine layout – i.e. the tons of boxes on the front page but it is a magazine theme for sure. As the name itself says, it’s a responsive theme. It has a right sidebar for ads and other stuff and a main column that from one point gets split in two columns where you can publish separate news pieces. It comes with numerous page templates, skins, and backgrounds, so with just a little effort you can make it really unique.



The Yaminth free WordPress theme has a clean layout with lots of white space. It is especially good when you have lots of images but even if you don’t, you can use it for sure. It can be used for blogs, too, because it has dedicated ad spaces (above the header and in the right sidebar).


Silver Orchid

If you are looking for a free WordPress theme with a really rich layout and tons of boxes, this is the theme for you. The demo with its cool pics is super pleasing to the eye and if you manage to upload images of similar quality, your magazine site will be quite stylish.


PerPost WordPress Theme

If you need a magazine site with not as many boxes as the previous one, then the PerPost WordPress theme might be for you. This theme has fewer boxes and it is less cluttered, but still it offers enough positions to publish your news/images. As you can expect, it has a sidebar for your ads.



The NewsPost WordPress theme comes with more boxes in more columns than the PerPost theme. The layout is somehow unique because it has a large middle column for ads and other non-news stuff and a right sidebar with the menu. Similarly to the PerPost WordPress theme, the NewsPost is a responsive theme that uses shortcodes.



EchoPress is kind of similar to NewsPost but the difference is that the middle column is used for recent posts (of course, you can change the widget and show there whatever you like). The theme is responsive, too, so if your users visit your site on a variety of devices and platforms, you have no reasons to worry how your magazine site will display.


Personal/Portfolio WordPress Themes

Theron Lite

All gamers, action, fantasy, etc. maniacs will appreciate the beauty of this free WordPress theme. It might not be out of this world but it’s cute and is great for a personal blog. If you want, you can change the images in the header slideshow to include shots from your favorite games or movies.

22-Theron Lite

Fullscreen Portfolio Template

These theme is especially useful if you are a photographer and want to display your portfolio. In addition to images, you can use it for videos and other visual multimedia. The theme is not suitable if you want to display articles or other non-visual stuff.

23-Fullscreen Portfolio

Gallery Theme

This theme is another theme photographers and videographers will appreciate most. It is a grid-style gallery layout with descriptions. The fact that it has descriptions as well means it could be used as a magazine theme, too.

24-Gallery Theme


This theme is truly minimalistic – it has just the bare necessities! I know that there are people who don’t like themes without gloss, glitter, and a ton of images but many others value the lack of clutter. One of the perks of this theme is that it has been created by Automattic themselves – i.e. the company behind WordPress, so you can bet it will run smoothly on a WordPress site.



If you didn’t guess by the name, this is a portfolio theme. It is one more gallery-type theme to consider. If you are not an artist, designer, videographer, or somebody who can show lots of visual content, you can switch it off and use only the blog part of the theme.


Swiss Theme

The Swiss theme is also suitable mostly for designers because it is a grid with places for images. However, unlike the other grid themes that are just galleries, this one has more white space and you can add texts, too. The theme is also suitable for a magazine site.

27-Swiss Theme

Sharpfolio2 Demo

For all of you, who want a portfolio theme that provides place for text, not only for images/video, here is one great theme. The theme is dark but very stylish and (surprisingly for a dark theme) very readable, so you can publish your texts without torturing your readers’ eyes. The theme can be used for a blog, too.

28-Sharpfolio² Demo

When so many new WordPress themes are released all the time, it’s not easy to pick a finite number of best ones. I don’t claim you won’t find any good themes released in 2013 (or at least updated in 2013) that you will like more than the ones on the list but I do think the themes on the list are all great and very appropriate for the particular purpose (i.e. blog, portfolio, magazine, or business site) you want to use them them for.

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