10 Mistakes to Avoid with WordPress Blog

image credit :http://www.inkthemes.com/

image credit :http://www.inkthemes.com/

We humans do err and it is an intrinsic part of our lives, but it is our responsibility to rectify those errors without repeating them again. As a newbie or even profound users of wordpress do some silly mistakes when it comes to fwordpress blog. And these small mistakes bring in a major changes and destruction to your website growth. So it is necessary to trim down those mistakes to take your wordpress site to the next level. In this informative post, we bring in an overall glimpse of some of the 10  Mistakes to Avoid with WordPress Blog”

# Mistake 1: Using Too many Plugins

Making use of plugins adds more features and appeal to your word press side. However the over usage of these plugins generally bog down a site and cause poor performance. People tend to get plugin happy when it comes to WordPress and they install things that they will never use, but they look cool and might come in handy some day.

Whereas some plugins are security nightmares as well. Badly programmed plugins could make a site open to attack with the click of an Activate link. So as a result of these consequences that many plugins will actually break a site and you have enough reason to think twice before overdoing it. So always make use of the best plugins only with your wordpress site.

# Mistake 2: Ignoring Site Backup

This could be really worse when something unexpected happens to your wordpress site and you lose your entire site content. No one wants such kind of instances to happen with their wordpress site. However many people who make use of wordpress free wordpress theme ignore to backup their site. Apart from automated backups which is done through plugins, you can also backup your site manually. All you should do is head over to Tools and then Export.

# Mistake 3:  Ignoring WordPress Updates

This is something a series mistake that most wordpress users tend to do. Many people have a fear when it comes to updates presuming that something could crash on time of updates. Sometimes, we simply forget to upgrade sites that we own because we are not managing it properly. This can come back to bite you big time in case there is a security vulnerability, and there is more chances that your site could gets hacked.

Upgrading from one version to the next is not very hard. 9.9/10 times, it simply takes one click. If your theme and plugins are coded properly, then your site will work. But again, its always good to have backups.


#Mistakes 4: Making use of Unfriendly Permalink Structure

Always remember that default wordpress blog setting is never a search engine friendly. Therefore to make your site visibility on the Google it is necessary to make use SEO friendly permalink structure always. All you need to do is ‘Go to Options’, then Select Permalinks in your Admin Panel and in the Custom Text Box enter, “/category/postname/post_id”


Mistake #5: Not using Google Webmaster Tool.

This is another mistake people do with wordpress blog and doing this mistake it doesn’t make much of your website page to get indexed. Always major search engine such as Google, Yahoo require little help to crawl very deep. Therefore if you need all your wordpress website pages to be indexed, you need to submit an XML sitemap to Google Webmaster tools. Apart from this making use of a webmaster tools has its own share of benefits – you become eligible to receive a lot of statistics.

Mistake #6:  Using Too Many Categories

We always love to make use of lots of categories. However this is a bad practice and too many categories will never gonna be helpful for your website visitors. Make sure to use relevant categories based on the theme of your website. Try to don’t delete existed categories as these categories makes URL’s of your site and after deleting them it would be cause of confusion for the visitors of your site.

Mistake #7: Not being Mobile-friendly

Many people just focus to design a wordpress site focused over PC users. However technology has developed and people make use their gadgets and hand help device to check websites.  It will be a big-big mistake if you don’t give a proper importance in making your WordPress blog mobile-friendly. Therefore to make your blog a success, it is inevitable to make your site mobile-friendly. While one option is to customize your site by using a plugin like WPtouch; another option is to use a WordPress theme that is responsive to smartphones, iPod touch and tablets.

Mistake #8: Not Deleting the Sample Page

WordPress blog  always come up with a sample page with its default theme. However many of us fail to look over them and delete it. A quick Google search displayed that there exist nearly 1.1 million sites that still possess the sample page with their wordpress site. Most folks don’t know about it or they simply don’t want to delete it. Go ahead and delete this page if you are not using it.

Mistakes #9: Using Long Archives

In the beginning with wordpress blog default theme, the archive widget appears much appealing as it display you all the months you have been blogging. But soon after a year time, it appears to look a bit annoying and cluttered. This also makes your sidebar insanely long which doesn’t look very good. In these cases, you want to create a custom archives page.

Mistakes #10: Overlooking Google Authorship Markup

Who would not want to increase credibility and maximize exposure of their WordPress site? Everyone wants, and Google Authorship Markup helps you achieve that. It’s a simple process and the result is a photo next to the meta description in the search results.

Final thought:

We have dropped the top 10  Mistakes to Avoid with WordPress Blog. Hope these would surely help you to get rid of the mistakes. Let us know in the comments if you think we’ve missed anything important!

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