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Samsung Gear S Review -The Ultimate Wrist Wear


Its Samsung, the South Korean Electronics Giant, with its next Generation of digi watches, which is rightly named as  Samsung Gear and this time ” Samsung Gear S”. This is a pretty cool device, better than its predecessors with a Super AMOLED, 2 Inch Curved LED display. It has been released with the Samsung Galaxy Note 4. With Screen Resolutions of 360 X 480 pixels and 12.5 mm thick, it’s gonna make a revolution in the Digital watches segment. Weighing just 67 Grams, it has a Metal Frame and a Rubber/Plastic Wrist strap and also a metal wrist Brace.

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Samsung Comes Back Strong With Galaxy Note 4



Samsung is back!!! With its mobile phone market with a flurry of handsets, as soon the Samsung Galaxy Alpha is released, the Electronic giant has also released, its Small tablet..oh.. It’s a Phone..huh.. amixture of this two??..  It’s the New Samsung Galaxy Note 4, and the company has termed it a “Phablet”, fourth of that kind.

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Nexus 6: Its big and better

google_nexus_6Since every smartphone makers are eyeing for big sized display mobiles, recently from Apple gigantic iPhone 6 Plus and Samsung release the fourth iteration of its massive Galaxy Note, it is no wonder that Google getting into the business of 6 inch phone for its users. Nexus 5 was a major success for Google and now Nexus 6 has surpassed 5 in size and features of in every aspect. Nexus 6 somehow manages to feel supersized even by today’s surreal standards.

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Android L – “Lollipop” update going to be much sweeter than before



Now it’s good news for the smartphone users as Google brings in the new version of Android OS and this time it’s going to be sweet like as they have named their new version as “Android L”

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Windows 10 Review: The much needed Windows for Each PC


Finally Microsoft opens up the veil and this time it is no Windows 9 as the successor of Windows 8, instead Microsoft Jumped one iteration and moved on to release Windows 10. However Windows 8 was not a universal success and Microsoft have brought in lot of features to hold on their PC users with their upcoming Windows 10. The company rolled out a technical preview for users to experience what’s in store for them. The new Windows 10 will makes its entry into the market globally by Mid 2015. The Technical Preview is available on the official Microsoft site. Anyone can download and install the Windows 10 preview and try out the all new environment packages.

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